Solar Screen's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The company place great importance on all aspects of corporate social responsibility. Join the ranks of IMS Luxembourg will help to learn more about those topics, take part in seminars, training and discussions, and share ideas and experience. Solar Screen would like to play a more active role in corporate initiatives to protect the future of our little blue planet and the well-being of its “tenants”. 



Solar Screen’s CSR policy:

Solar Screen is currently working on ISO 9001 and 14001. The company committed to listening and responding to the needs of its employees, and maintain direct lines of communication between employees and the company’s senior management (CEO, CFO, COO, HR Director). Creating a welcoming, pleasant workplace was a main aim when they developed the new headquarters in Foetz in 2018. Whenever they are in contact with its staff, clients and suppliers, always make sure to respect the needs, demands and expectations of each and every individual. They place particular emphasis on environmental protection by raising awareness among its staff and customers of the importance of waste sorting and recycling.



Solar Screen's CSR actions and frameworks:

  • Adopting procedures and earmarking resources to obtain the SuperDreckskëscht label.
  • Renting two hives and introducing plant species that promote the well-being of bees on our site. (Signed – installation in spring 2019.) We are hoping to “kick-start a movement” in Foetz.
  • Installing 500 solar panels in spring 2019.
  • Installing charging stations for hybrid/electric vehicles to encourage the use of these vehicles.
  • Raising awareness among our customers of the importance of sorting and recycling waste by running training sessions at our headquarters in Foetz.
  • Offering grants to encourage car-sharing and/or the purchase of bicycles for journeys between home and work.
  • Raising awareness among our staff of eco-driving.
  • Purchasing/leasing hybrid vehicles.
  • Installing UV protection window film on all our windows to reduce the use of air conditioning.*
  • Awareness campaign among public authorities (communes, ministries, schools, etc.) and facility and project managers to reduce the use of air conditioning.*
  • Awareness campaign among the same stakeholders to promote the recycling of furniture, partitions, doors, etc. – “Why replace when you can renovate?”*
  • Flexible working hours and/or working from home if and when possible.
  • “Buying local” as much as possible: work clothes, office supplies, printing, IT, etc. 
  • Eliminating plastic cups and replacing them with cups and flasks made of washable plastic.
  • Implementing risk/security management procedures (depot and sites).
  • Introducing procedures to monitor after-sales service with the aim of improving the quality of our products and services.

* This is Solar Screen core business



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